Monday, March 18, 2019

Project 02 Proposal

Kind-Of Like a Snow Globe

  • Rectangular box made of clear plexiglass 6in long-2in high-2 in wide, Wind sensors and fans sectioned on one side and attached to a removable lid that houses the electrical components, Tiny dollar bills encased in the middle section of box with a winner inside. Blow on wind sensors to activate money machine!

Sensor can be switched on/off to save power, needs to warm up when turned on. Runs fine between 5-10v. Calibration kit included. 5 pins, three signal plus power and ground.

9v computer fan

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Week 8

Project Edits:

Now using Arduino Pro Mini instead of Trinket because I needed more PWM pins
Code will be uploaded to the Arduino Pro Mini with this converter

Power will be supplied to the circuit with 3 AAA batteries 
This is the final circuit, some edits need to be made because I couldn't find downloads for my missing parts. The circuit has been tested with an Arduino Uno hooked to the computer and is successful. 

This is a size reference for the glove and the electrical components. The sensor and motor will be attached in the palm of the glove, while the remaining components will be in an attached pouch at the back of the hand.

These mini breadboard, or some PCBs, will also be needed.